Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement and Heavy Metal Cleanups

Lead can be found in interior and exterior paints or in plumbing as lead pipes or on copper pipes. The presence or absence of lead in a building may have many implications. Lead, once identified, becomes a health hazard to contractors and a potential future liability for property owners and the architect responsible for the project. So its abatement is must for the well being of humans as well as the environment.

We at AMX, create and analyze a detailed report where each assessment includes sampling of all suspected hazardous materials, confirmatory laboratory analysis and complete reporting of all findings. We can also complete specifications for any required remedial activity and perform project management services.


All work will conform to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Ministry of Labour Guidelines, and the Ministry of Environment’s Guideliness for Cleanup of Soils, Industrial Commercial Sites.

Various locations in the cleanup area are selected prior to any work commencing and a number of swab samples are taken from the areas to be cleaned. All personnel carrying out the remedial procedures are properly trained in Asbestos, WHMIS and Lead Abatement.

We have over a decade experience of Lead Inspection and Cleanup that can be utilized on your Lead Project. We have successfully completed many lead projects nationwide.


Our fundamental focus on health, safety, environmental compliance and quality workmanship has produced the safest, most environmentally conscious group of trained professionals in the industry.

Our personnel undergo extensive training in accordance with OSHA guidelines, and participate in ...

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AMX Companies has the ability to travel and utilize our special skills and services all over the world. We have been traveling for several years to accommodate our customers needs worldwide.

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