Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection, Remediation and Abatement services

Mold Remediation :

The act of removing mold is called Mold Remediation. Molds are fungi present everywhere in the environment, playing a vital role in the Earth’s ecology.

Mold remediation doesn’t just mean cleaning the infected area. The process of mold remediation — when executed properly cleans the infected area and rids it of mold; disposes of the mold and moldy materials safely and effectively; repairs the cause to ensure the mold doesn’t return; and, finally, tests to make sure the mold is gone entirely.

Mold inspection process :

The mold inspection process is different from a building inspection. It is designed to find not only mold, but also unearth any elements that could potentially cause toxic mold such as, sources of water intrusions, excessive moisture, and humidity.

Our expertise of the mold inspector who is a certified licensed professional provides an ease to the entire process of evaluating a Toxic mold symptom, because the inspection determines the scope of the mold remediation and mold cleanup process. As a result, you will save tremendous amount of money and time.

In the complete inspection process, the mold inspector will sample the following; Swab Testing and Sampling

  • Air Testing and Sampling
  • Bulk Testing and Sampling



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